About The Client

Client’s website provides National, state and college level entrance exams

As a popular student portal, the website was already pulling in organic traffic, but in December 2017, with the 2018 admission season (March ‘18 to June ‘18) ahead of them, the client approached us to better their previous years’ traffic numbers and overall website performance.

Given that the client had already done a pretty good job of driving traffic the previous admission season in 2017, it was going to be tough to beat the numbers especially with the competition having strengthened as well.

  • Client Hercules Education
  • Fields of Work Social Media Management, Video Marketing, Search
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The Solution (Approach)

First 2 Months Focus was On-page Optimization: In the 1st 2 months from Jan-Feb ’18 we decided to make big, site wide on-page SEO changes that would have a “big” impact as opposed to focusing on optimizing independent landing pages.

Next 4 months Focus was Content Optimization: From March to June’18, our focus was on optimizing keywords and landing pages that were going to be popular in that given month.

The Results

We saw a whopping Increase of 588% in organic search traffic from Jan’18 to June’18. This was an awesome jump by any standards. This translated to a 608.70% increase in Page views from Jan’18 to June’18.

“Lasting organic growth requires a forward-thinking strategy. By helping Recovery Brands invest in all 3 pillars of SEO (technical SEO, content production, and link acquisition) over the long term, we helped them develop an asset which will drive business for them for years to come.”
Jordan Jenkins

Jordan Jenkins

CEO at Hercules